Posted On: Apr 29, 2024

Amazon Q generative SQL in Amazon Redshift Query Editor is available for public preview in AWS Europe (Frankfurt) region. Amazon Q generative SQL is available in Amazon Redshift Query Editor, an out-of-the-box web-based SQL editor for Redshift, to simplify query authoring and increase your productivity by allowing you to express queries in natural language and receive SQL code recommendations. Furthermore, it allows you to get insights faster without extensive knowledge of your organization’s complex database metadata.

Amazon Q generative SQL uses generative AI to analyze user intent, query patterns, and schema metadata to identify common SQL query patterns directly within Amazon Redshift, accelerating the query authoring process for users, and reducing the time required to derive actionable data insights. Amazon Q generative SQL provides a conversational interface where users can submit queries in natural language, within the scope of their current data permissions. For example, when you submit a question such as 'Find total revenue by region,' Amazon Q generative SQL will recognize and suggest the appropriate SQL code for this frequent query pattern by joining multiple tables, thus saving time and decreasing the likelihood of errors. You can either accept the query or enhance your prior query by asking additional questions.

You can try Amazon Q generative SQL at no cost during preview. See the documentation to get started.