Posted On: Apr 30, 2024

Amazon Redshift now supports Multi-AZ deployment for zero-ETL integration on RA3 clusters, enabling customers to run near real-time analytics on a highly available data warehouse. With a Multi-AZ deployment, your zero-ETL integration can automatically recover from any infrastructure or Availability Zone (AZ) failures ensuring your workloads remain uninterrupted.

Amazon Redshift zero-ETL integration helps you derive holistic insights across many applications and break data silos in your organization, making it simpler to analyze data from different operational databases. A Multi-AZ deployment raises the Redshift Service Level Agreement (SLA) to 99.99% and delivers a highly available data warehouse. A zero-ETL integration with a Multi-AZ deployment on an Amazon Redshift cluster enables you to continue replicating the data without interruptions even in the face of unexpected events, ensuring that your near real-time insights are always accessible.

To learn more and get started with zero-ETL integration, visit the getting started guides for Amazon Redshift. To learn more about Amazon Redshift Multi-AZ, see the Amazon Redshift Reliability page and Amazon Multi-AZ documentation page