Posted On: Apr 9, 2024

Amazon Route 53 offers domain name registration services and provides easy integration with other AWS services. We are excited to announce the recent addition of 18 additional Top-Level Domains (TLDs) to the existing 351 that we already supported before this launch. You can now register domains with: .beer, .bid, .bio, .christmas, .contact, .design, .fan, .fun, .law, .llc, .ltd, .pw, .shopping, .ski, .software, .stream, .vote and .work. Common use cases for some of these new TLDs include the following:

.work: This TLD is popular among recruiters and career guidance counselors. Domain names with .work are designed to give employment services, recruiters, or human resources departments a unique, easily identifiable way to attract qualified candidates.

.fun: This TLD is targeted towards entertainers, event planners, and businesses focusing on an immersive experience. Users can share their hobbies, online games, and event information using this TLD.

.ltd: This TLD, short for “limited”, conveys to visitors that the business is a “Limited Liability Company”. For organizations that identify themselves as such, the .ltd TLD provides a descriptive and unique way to name their websites.

.pw: The .pw TLD was originally reserved for the residents of Palau, an island country in the western pacific ocean. However, today it is commonly used to represent “Professional Web” and is available to everyone.

To learn more about the TLDs that are offered by Route 53 and their pricing, visit the Route 53 Developer Guide and Route 53 domain price list. You can now register domains with any of these TLDs through the Route 53 service.