Posted On: Apr 30, 2024

Today, Amazon Transcribe announces the general availability of generative AI-powered call summarization available through the Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics API. Generative call summarization delivers a concise summary of contact center interactions, capturing key components such as why the customer called, how the issue was addressed, and what follow-up actions were identified.

Contact center agents spend precious time after each call manually summarizing the notes. Supervisors also spend significant time listening to call recordings or reading entire transcripts while investigating caller issues. With generative call summarization, Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics can now automatically condense the entire call recording into a concise summary. For example, this is a sample summary of a 10-minute call: “Customer reported a missing order 10 days after the expected delivery date. The agent offered a free replacement and $10 credit. The agent will follow-up with the customer in 2 days to confirm the receipt of the replacement order”. After completing a customer interaction, agents can directly proceed to help the next customer since they don’t have to summarize a conversation, resulting in reduced customer wait times and improved agent productivity. Further, supervisors can review the summary when investigating a customer issue to get a gist of the conversation, without having to listen to the entire call recording or read the transcript.

The generative call summarization capability is currently supported in English language and is available in the following AWS regions: US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon). You will incur additional charges as described in pricing. To learn more, see the blog post and documentation.