Posted On: Apr 22, 2024

Today, AWS End User Computing services announced availability of two larger, more powerful instance types for Amazon WorkSpaces Web. These new instance types provide higher performance options to help customers run demanding workloads, helping to deliver significant performance improvements for use cases like streaming audio or video, real-time collaboration, screen sharing, video conferencing, or processing large files. With this launch, WorkSpaces Web now offers a total of 3 different instance types: standard.regular, standard.large, and standard.xlarge.

Standard.regular instances are optimized for basic browsing on websites composed primarily of static text and images (e.g., internal documentation, directories, etc.) across multiple tabs. Standard.large instances offer twice the memory as standard.regular instance, and help provide a performance boost for interacting with web content. Standard.xlarge instances offer twice the virtual compute and four times the memory of the standard.regular instance. Standard.xlarge instances provide the best performance for use cases that require streaming web-based audio and video through the remote browser.

All three instance types are now available in all WorkSpaces Web regions. Visit the Amazon WorkSpaces Web pricing page to learn more.

You can update your existing portal to run on these new instance types, or select your desired instance type when creating a new web portal. If you are new to WorkSpaces Web you can get started by adding the Free Trial offer for WorkSpaces Web to your AWS account, then visiting the Amazon WorkSpaces Web Console and creating your first web portal, today.