Amazon WorkSpaces Web Pricing

With Amazon WorkSpaces Web, you pay based on your monthly active users (MAUs), at a rate of $7 per month for up to 200 streaming hours. A user is counted as an MAU if, within a calendar month, the user connects to WorkSpaces Web. If a unique user streams for more than 200 hours in a given month, you are charged $0.035 for each additional hour of streaming. You are not charged for inactive users within that calendar month. For more information, visit the Amazon WorkSpaces Web webpage.

Amazon WorkSpaces Web Pricing Example

If your user group has 100 users with access to WorkSpaces Web, but only 10 of them accessed content  within a calendar month, you will pay only for those 10 users. You will be charged $70 (10 x $7/MAU) for up to 200 hours of streaming per user, plus any applicable tax. If one of your users streamed 300 hours, you would be charged $3.50 (100 x $0.035/additional streaming hour) for that user, and your total bill would be $73.50. If none of your users accessed any content within a calendar month, you would not be charged during that calendar month.

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