Posted On: Apr 2, 2024

AWS customers can now view real-time and historical data visualizations of their critical resource and application metrics in a mobile-friendly format using CloudWatch custom dashboards in the AWS Console Mobile App. Now AWS customers have convenient access to customized views of their resource and application's health and performance metrics while on-the-go.

AWS customers can now access the same CloudWatch custom dashboards that they have in the AWS Management Console in the AWS Console Mobile App for a complete view of their AWS resource health and performance across AWS regions and accounts in a mobile friendly format while on the go. AWS customers can quickly browse or search through a list of their CloudWatch custom dashboards. They can view all of their critical resource and application metrics in real-time or for a selected timespan. AWS customers no longer need to switch to a desktop device to monitor their AWS resource and application health and performance.

The AWS Console Mobile App lets AWS customers view and manage a select set of resources and receive push notifications to stay informed and connected with their AWS resources while on-the-go. The sign in process supports biometrics authentication, making access to AWS resources simple, secure, and quick.

Visit the product page for more information about the AWS Console Mobile App.