Posted On: Apr 2, 2024

AWS Marketplace now gives customers the ability to request product demos and private offers directly from sellers' product listing pages. This helps customers accelerate product evaluations and further reduce their procurement cycle times.

While evaluating product listings, customers can easily request outreach from an AWS representative by simply filling out a form on the listing page of a participating seller. The AWS representative will work with the buyers to understand their needs and then share their request with the respective sellers, who will then deliver demos or initiate private offer discussions. By simplifying these tasks, customers quickly connect with the right seller-side contacts, streamlining product assessments and optimizing time-to-value for software purchases.

To learn more about submitting product demo or private offer requests, visit the AWS Marketplace Buyer Guide (demos and private offers). For sellers interested in learning about enabling this feature on their listing page, visit the AWS Marketplace Seller Guide (demos and private offers).