Posted On: Apr 18, 2024

Starting today, Partners can leverage the AWS Partner CRM Connector for Salesforce to create offers for future dated agreements and agreement based offers, providing greater flexibility and control over offer management and integration within AWS Marketplace. Future dated agreements allows you to schedule service start dates to begin in the future. Partners can also access their agreements and create agreement-based offers for SaaS Contract products, with or without consumption, across multiple seller accounts, enabling buyers to replace existing agreements when they accept the offer.

Furthermore, partners can now import existing AWS Marketplace private offers and agreements that were originally created within the AWS Marketplace Management Portal, streamlining all transactions into the connector. A draft offer feature capability is included, simplifying offer management by allowing partners to save draft versions of private offers and resale authorizations.

The updated APN Customer Engagement (ACE) integration improves opportunity management. Partners using both features of the connector can now directly link AWS Marketplace private offers to ACE opportunities. Sync log details are also viewable on each ACE opportunity page, allowing for easy monitoring and troubleshooting. This streamlined page highlights opportunity stage status to track and update progress, expediting workflow.

AWS Partner CRM Connector provides a modular experience, allowing partners to enable both AWS Marketplace and AWS Partner Central ACE Pipeline Manager feature capabilities. The connector is available at no-cost to download from the Salesforce AppExchange.

For more information, visit the AWS Partner CRM Connector documentation.