Posted On: May 2, 2024

AWS B2B Data Interchange now automatically generates 997 functional acknowledgements and TA1 interchange acknowledgements in response to all relevant inbound X12 electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions. These acknowledgements are used to confirm receipt of individual transactions and to report errors. With this launch, you can now automate delivery of 997 and TA1 acknowledgements to trading partners that require them.

Each acknowledgement generated by AWS B2B Data Interchange is stored in Amazon S3, alongside your transformed EDI, and emits an Amazon EventBridge event. You can use these events to automatically send the acknowledgement generated by AWS B2B Data Interchange to your trading partners via SFTP or AS2 using AWS Transfer Family or any other EDI connectivity solution.

Support for automated acknowledgements is available in all AWS Regions where AWS B2B Data Interchange is available and provided at no additional cost. To get started with AWS B2B Data Interchange for building and running your event-driven EDI workflows, take the self-paced workshop or visit the documentation.