AWS Launches Console-based Bulk Policy Migration for Billing and Cost Management Console Access

Posted on: May 24, 2024

AWS Billing and Cost Management console now supports a console-based simplified migration experience for affected policies containing retired IAM actions (aws-portal). Customers, who are not migrated to using fine-grained IAM actions, can trigger this experience by clicking on Update IAM Policies recommended action available on the Billing and Cost Management home page. The experience identifies affected policies, suggests equivalent new actions to match customers’ current access, provides testing options, and completes the migration of all affected policies across the organization.

The experience automatically identifies required new fine-grained actions, making it easy for customers to maintain their current access post-migration. The experience provides flexibility of testing with a few accounts and rollback changes with a button click, making the migration a risk-free operation for customers. Moreover, the experience provides optional customization opportunity for customers to broaden or fine-tune their access by modifying the aws-recommended IAM action mapping as well as migrating select accounts one at a time.

Starting today, these features are available in all AWS Commercial Regions, except AWS China Regions.

To learn more, see the billing and cost management access control user guide.