Posted On: May 7, 2024

Starting today, AWS Cost Anomaly Detection will detect cost anomalies up to 30% faster. Customers can now identify and respond to spending changes more quickly. Cost Anomaly Detection leverages advanced machine learning to identify unusual changes in spend, enabling customers to quickly take action to avoid unexpected costs.

With this new capability, AWS Cost Anomaly Detection analyzes cost and usage data up to three times a day, instead of daily, to detect anomalies. This means customers can receive notifications, understand root causes, and take action on unexpected spend changes much faster to avoid unplanned spend and optimize cost.

The reduced anomaly detection latency applies automatically for all AWS Cost Anomaly Detection customers across all commercial AWS regions globally at no additional cost. To learn more about AWS Cost Anomaly Detection and how to reduce your risk of spend surprises, visit the AWS Cost Anomaly Detection product page.