AWS Glue now supports native SaaS connectivity: Salesforce connector available now

Posted on: May 22, 2024

AWS Glue now supports SaaS connectivity with out-of-the-box support for Salesforce enabling users to quickly preview and transfer their CRM data, query, detect schema and schedule jobs.

As enterprises increasingly rely on data to make business decisions, they face the challenge of collecting data from a growing ecosystem of data stores into a centralized location for analytics, AutoML, ML training, and business intelligence. With the new Salesforce connector, customers can easily ingest and aggregate their CRM data to any of Glue's supported destinations including Apache Iceberg, Delta Lake and Apache Hudi formats on Amazon S3; data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift and Snowflake, and many more. Reverse-ETL use cases are also supported, allowing users to write data back to Salesforce.

Built on Spark and with support for multiple worker threads to extract data in parallel, the Salesforce connector is scalable and performant. With support for OAuth 2.0 and Managed Client Application, customers simply use their Salesforce login credentials to securely authenticate and authorize data access. VPC support provides customers with enterprise-level security. And with access to Glue’s built-in 250+ transformations, customers have the flexibility to easily customize their data pipelines. To simplify data management, customers have access to AWS Glue Data Quality, Glue Data Catalog, Monitoring, Workflows, and Sensitive Data Detection.

To get started, create a Salesforce Glue Connection and an EL/ETL job with Salesforce as a source and/or destination in AWS Glue Studio. The AWS Glue Salesforce connector is available in all commercial AWS regions. To learn more, visit AWS Glue documentation.