Posted On: May 17, 2024

Today, AWS has announced that Bottlerocket, the Linux-based operating system purpose-built for containers, now supports NVIDIA Fabric Manager, enabling users to harness the power of multi-GPU configurations for their AI and machine learning workloads. With this integration, Bottlerocket users can now seamlessly leverage their connected GPUs as a high-performance compute fabric, enabling efficient and low-latency communication between all the GPUs in each of their P4/P5 instances.

The growing sophistication of deep learning models has led to an exponential increase in the computational resources required to train them within a reasonable timeframe. To address this increase in computational demands, customers running AI and machine learning workloads have turned to multi-GPU implementations, leveraging NVIDIA's NVSwitch and NVLink technologies to create a unified memory fabric across connected GPUs. The Fabric Manager support in the Bottlerocket NVIDIA variants allows users to configure this fabric, enabling all GPUs to be used as a single, high-performance pool rather than individual units. This unlocks Bottlerocket users to run multi-GPU setups on P4/P5 instances, significantly accelerating the training of complex neural networks.

To learn more about Fabric Manager support in the Bottlerocket NVIDIA variants, please visit the official Bottlerocket GitHub repo.