Introducing the Document widget for PartyRock

Posted on: May 29, 2024

Everyone can build, use, and share generative AI powered apps for fun and for boosting personal productivity using PartyRock. PartyRock uses foundation models from Amazon Bedrock to turn your ideas into working PartyRock apps.

PartyRock apps are composed of UI elements called widgets. Widgets display content, accept input, connect with other widgets, and generate outputs like text, images, and chats using foundation models. Now available is the Document widget, allowing you to integrate text content from files and documents directly into a PartyRock app. The Document widget supports common file types including PDF, MD, TXT, DOCX, HTML, and CSV, with a limit of 120,000 characters. You can add the Document widget to new or existing apps. With the Document widget, you can build apps that generate summaries, extract action items, facilitate chats about document content, or create images based on text from documents like blogs.

For a limited time, AWS offers new PartyRock users a free trial without the need to provide a credit card or sign up for an AWS account. To get hands-on with generative AI, visit PartyRock.