Powertools for AWS Lambda (Python) adds support for Agents for Amazon Bedrock

Posted on: May 30, 2024

Powertools for AWS Lambda (Python), an open-source developer library, launched a new feature to ease the creation of Agents for Amazon Bedrock.

With this release, Powertools for AWS Lambda (Python) handles the automatic generation of OpenAPI schemas directly from the business logic code, validates inputs and outputs according to that schema, and drastically reduces the boilerplate necessary to manage requests and responses from Agents for Amazon Bedrock. By abstracting away the complexities, Powertools for AWS Lambda (Python) allows developers to focus their time and efforts directly on writing business logic, thereby boosting productivity and accelerating development velocity.

To learn more about the new Powertools for AWS Lambda (Python) utility, see the documentation. You can submit feedback, ideas, and issues directly on our GitHub project.