Centrally manage member account root email addresses across your AWS Organization

Posted on: Jun 7, 2024

Today, we are making it easier for AWS Organizations customers to centrally manage the root email address of member accounts across their Organization using the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), AWS Software Development Kit (SDK), and AWS Organizations console. We previously released the Accounts SDK that enables Organizations customers to centrally and programmatically manage both primary and alternate contact information as well as the enabled AWS Regions for their accounts. In order to manage the root email address, customers were forced to login as root to manage the root email address of member accounts. Starting today, customers can use the same SDK to update the root email address of a member account from either the Organization’s management account (or delegated administrator), saving them the time and effort of logging into each account directly and allowing them to manage their Organization’s root addresses at scale. Additionally, this API will require customers to verify the new root email address using One Time Password (OTP) ensuring customers are using accurate email addresses for their member accounts. The root email address won’t change to the new email address until it has been verified.

The ability to update the root email address of member accounts from an Organization’s management account is available at no additional charge in all commercial and China AWS Regions. To learn more about account management, see the documentation.