AWS IoT Device Management makes it easy for you to manage your fleets of connected devices at any scale. You only pay for what you use, and there are no minimum fees. You will be billed separately for the number of devices registered with our device provisioning workflow, the number of remote actions (e.g. a firmware update) sent to your devices, and the number of index updates and queries for your Fleet Index.

Pricing at a glance

Device Provisioning

Device Provisioning allows you to register your connected devices in bulk. Your device provisioning costs are based on the number of devices you register.

For example, if you use our provisioning workflow to onboard 10,000 devices, you would be charged for 10,000 devices registered. You are also metered if you use our provisioning workflows for non-onboarding tasks, such as adding a set of new device attributes to devices already registered with AWS IoT Device Management, or rotating device certificates. If you rotate the device certificates for 5,000 registered devices, you will be charged for 5,000 things registered.

Fleet Indexing and Search

Fleet Indexing and Search maintains an index of your Registry, Device Shadow, and device connection state, which allows you to find devices or create groups based upon any combination of device attribute and state in near real-time. Fleet Indexing and Search is metered on the number of index updates, and the number of search queries executed.

Index updates are metered in 1KB increments. For example, an index update of 1.5KB will be metered as two operations. Index updates occur when your Registry, Device Shadows, or device lifecycle events are updated. For example, if you update a device shadow of 2KB size, your index update will also be 2KB size. You will be charged for Fleet Indexing and Search only after you opt-in for the feature. Devices added or removed from your dynamic thing groups are metered as Registry operations.  

Device Jobs

Device Jobs let you send remote actions (e.g. a firmware update or a factory reset) to your devices. Device Jobs is metered on the number of remote actions sent to your devices.

If you create one device job that sends a firmware update to 100 devices, you will be metered for 100 remote actions.

AWS Free Tier with AWS IoT Device Management

AWS IoT Device Management’s free tier includes 50 remote actions per month.

The AWS Free Tier is available to you for 12 months starting with the date on which you create your AWS account. When your free usage expires or if your application use exceeds the free usage tiers, you simply pay the above rates. The free usage tier applies across all AWS Regions. Your usage is calculated each month across all regions and is automatically applied to your bill. Note that free usage does not accumulate from one billing period to the next.

Pricing Examples for AWS IoT Device Management Components

Device Provisioning

Pricing Example

You have a fleet of 10,000 temperature sensors that you would like to manage with AWS IoT Device Management. You would like to onboard your devices by uploading device attributes, provisioning device certificates, and attaching policies for each of your devices. Your cost to provision 10,000 devices to AWS IoT Device Management would be calculated as follows:

  • Total Device Provisioning Charges = 10,000 devices * $0.10/1,000 things registered = $1.00
Fleet Indexing Updates

Pricing Example

You choose to use Fleet Indexing and Search so that you can easily find individual or groups of sensors based upon their device attributes or last reported state. If each of your 10,000 sensors executes 300 index updates a month of size 1.5KB each, your cost will be as follows:

  • Since your index update size exceeds 1KB, your updates are metered at the next KB multiple (2KB) as two index updates
  • Total Index Update Charges = 10,000 devices * 300 index updates * 2 index updates * $2.25 / 1,000,000 index updates = $13.50 per month
Fleet Indexing Queries

Pricing Example

If you query against your Fleet Index 500,000 times per month, your cost will be as follows:

  • Total Fleet Indexing Queries Charges = 500,000 queries * $0.05 / 10,000 queries = $2.50 per month
Device Jobs

Pricing Example

You find that there’s a security vulnerability with your devices that you need to patch. If you execute a firmware update on 10,000 devices, your cost will be as follows:

  • Total Device Jobs Charges = 10,000 remote actions * $0.03 per remote action = $300
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