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This tutorialwalks through how you can use S3 to send large filesdirectly from your email client and how to enable logging so thatyou can see which recipients have downloaded your file. Thistutorial also walks through how you can store email attachmentsin S3, so that you do not have to clean up your Inbox all thetime.
Last Modified: Mar 22, 2017 15:47 PM GMT
Microsoft MVP Marco Shaw demonstrates how to automate AWS infrastructure services using Microsoft Windows PowerShell 2 and the AWS SDK for .NET, with examples for Amazon S3.
Last Modified: Mar 31, 2016 17:40 PM GMT
Amazon S3 is storage for the Internet, designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers.While Amazon strives to make use of the service as straight-forward as possible, observing some easy-to-implement best practices can dramatically improve your experience.
Last Modified: Nov 24, 2015 20:33 PM GMT
Why slow your web server down by hosting media files? Craig Noeldner and AWS Evangelist Mike Culver show how to configure your domain provider to use Amazon S3 for simple, scalable media hosting.
Last Modified: Oct 29, 2015 17:40 PM GMT
This article describes some helpful tips and tricks for developing applications on the AWS SDK for Java.
Last Modified: Aug 31, 2015 20:10 PM GMT
This guide introduces the AWS Elastic Beanstalk deployment feature of the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse and provides a walkthrough for getting started with AWS Elastic Beanstalk deployment for developers using the Eclipse IDE.
Last Modified: Jun 1, 2015 22:00 PM GMT
This article describes the differences between the AWS SDK for Java and previous Java libraries from Amazon Web Services.
Last Modified: Feb 24, 2015 20:06 PM GMT
AWS infrastructure services are hosted in a number of regions, including locations in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. This article lists the web service API endpoints needed to make API requests and manage infrastructure in each region.
Last Modified: Feb 24, 2015 20:03 PM GMT
In this article, we will set up an example situation showing how to use the open source Squid proxy to control access to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) from within an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). First, you will configure Squid to allow access to Linux Yum repositories. Next, you will configure Squid to restrict access to a list of approved Amazon S3 buckets. Then, you will configure Squid to direct traffic based on the URL, sending some requests to an Internet gateway (IGW) and other traffic to a virtual private gateway (VGW). Finally, you will explore options for making Squid highly available.
Last Modified: Feb 19, 2015 22:16 PM GMT
Communication on the Internet is susceptible to eavesdropping and malicious tampering. Amazon Web Services recommends you take action to protect the API requests you send.
Last Modified: Jan 29, 2015 22:40 PM GMT
This page has been deprecated. For information about getting started with the AWS SDK for Java, please see the Java Developer Guide (linked below).
Last Modified: Nov 6, 2014 21:20 PM GMT
Uploading to Amazon S3 over 3G using the AWS SDK for iOS
Last Modified: Sep 25, 2014 20:19 PM GMT
Mobile Photo Uploads to Amazon S3 using the AWS SDK for iOS and AWS SDK for Android
Last Modified: Sep 25, 2014 20:17 PM GMT
A collection of those issues that keep coming up over time. This is a must read for new Amazon S3 users and a great refresher for those developers already using the service.
Last Modified: Jul 23, 2014 16:46 PM GMT
This two-part series of articles illustrates how to build applications using Amazon Web Services by describing how Alexa's GrepTheWeb service was built.
Last Modified: Jul 18, 2014 16:10 PM GMT
The AWS SDK for Ruby helps you to get started building applications using AWS infrastructure services, including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon SimpleDB, and more. This guide shows how you can start building Ruby and Rails applications on the Amazon Web Services platform with the AWS Ruby gem.
Last Modified: Apr 29, 2014 16:10 PM GMT
The AWS SDK for Java provides an easy to use, client-side encryption mechanism to help you securely store your application's data in Amazon S3. Since the encryption/decryption is all done client side, your private encryption keys never leave your application.
Last Modified: Jan 17, 2014 19:09 PM GMT
The Petboard sample application shows how to use Amazon Web Services in an ASP.NET application. The web application is a catalog of pets and information about each pet, including a profile photo, likes, and dislikes. Petboard shows how to organize structured data using Amazon SimpleDB, serve images from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and implement ASP.NET Membership using Amazon SimpleDB.
Last Modified: Sep 26, 2013 0:24 AM GMT
This article provides details on how to automate daily loading of an Amazon Redshift cluster from data that is being dumped to an Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket. The example uses Amazon CloudFront access logs that are stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. The data-driven workflow is managed by AWS Data Pipeline.
Last Modified: Sep 4, 2013 18:54 PM GMT
Create HTML POST forms that allow your web site visitors to upload files into your S3 account using a standard web browser.
Last Modified: Jan 30, 2013 2:19 AM GMT
Amazon S3 provides a rich set of mechanisms for you to manage access to your buckets and objects. This article describes the different access control options in Amazon S3 and helps you choose the best option for your use case.
Last Modified: Aug 27, 2011 14:07 PM GMT
This paper addresses Netflix's transition to AWS SimpleDB and S3, as examples of AP (a.k.a. Available-Network Partition Tolerant) storage systems.
Last Modified: Nov 18, 2010 2:13 AM GMT
This guide shows you how to start building PHP applications on the Amazon Web Services platform with the AWS SDK for PHP.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2010 1:17 AM GMT
CloudFusion has now become the AWS SDK for PHP. This guide walks through the specific changes for migrating from CloudFusion 2.5 to the AWS SDK for PHP 1.0.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2010 0:05 AM GMT
Watch our screencasts for more information on developing applications on the AWS SDK for PHP.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2010 0:04 AM GMT
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