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KRS offers one of the most advanced retail analytics platforms in convenience and petroleum, the Epiphany Data Neurocenter. To truly democratize their data, KRS set out to build a solution that harnesses the power of Natural Language Query (NLQ). KRS wanted to empower everyone in the organization – from the receptionist to the CEO – to ask Epiphany questions in plain language and get accurate answers without a need to rely on BI teams. Questions like:

What was my fuel margin last week?
Which product is performing the best on the West coast?
Who was working last Friday at 3pm at Store #8?


In a short workshop with the AWS Data Lab, KRS built a natural language model on top of their datasets using Amazon QuickSight Q. The KRS team successfully created multiple QuickSight Q topics and modeled 20 questions for datasets across profit, inventory, and loyalty. As part of their solution, the team implemented functionality to add synonyms, exclude unnecessary fields, and leverage calculated fields. 


The workshop gave KRS the confidence to release NLQ functionality to their Epiphany Analytics platform. The team learned how to enable natural language querying on their datasets and how to use QuickSight Q to answer domain-specific questions. Working with the AWS Data Lab accelerated KRS’ onboarding to QuickSight Q and helped them achieve their goal of making their data more accessible to non-technical business users. By implementing NLQ, KRS is able to truly democratize their data for clients.

“You rarely come across new innovations that change a category. Quicksight Q is truly one of those once-in-a-lifetime innovations that profoundly transforms data analytics. QuickSight Q is impressive and is already incredibly valuable to us as we strive to make data more accessible for our clients. The AWS Data Lab provided us with a focused and hands-on way of learning a category-defining AWS feature in a matter of hours.”

Brian McManus, CTO,

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