AWS Digital Classroom

Get the flexibility of digital training with the depth of classroom training

About AWS Digital Classroom

AWS Digital Classroom courses equip you with the same expansive content as classroom training with the flexibility of digital training. Accelerate your deep understanding of focused topic areas with immediate access to a catalog of expert instructor-led videos, hands-on labs, demonstrations, knowledge checks, and course assessments. The courses are led by expert AWS instructors who work every day with customers, and share specific scenarios to ensure you can handle real world risks and opportunities. Build skills anytime with flexibility in time, location, and pace, along with the ability to pause, rewind, and revisit content.

Benefits of AWS Digital Classroom

Build new skills anytime. AWS Digital Classroom training is available on-demand, so you have the flexibility in time, location, and pace, along with the ability to pause, rewind, and revisit content, and still benefit from an expert AWS instructor.
Benefit from courses that are based on single- or multi-day AWS Classroom Training courses focused on multiple, integrated topics and/or solutions that go deeper into a focused topical area. Courses feature video recordings of expert AWS instructors with deep technical knowledge interacting with the course materials and the same hands-on lab exercises used in the live classroom course.
Get access to an entire catalog of expert instructor-led AWS Digital Classroom courses spanning multiple focus areas with the AWS Skill Builder annual Individual or Team subscription. You can revisit any of the training content at any time.
Build confidence to innovate through knowledge checks and pre- and post-course assessments that help you identify areas of strengths and areas that may require additional study so you can focus on what matters most to you.

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