Hey, AWS Questers!

Help blogger Jeff Barr rebuild his beloved robot Ozz! The robot has left a set of 20 “orangeprints” that show how to build a component of Ozz 2.0. Each orangeprint is unlocked by the community solving a puzzle on the blog site. When you solve a puzzle, you’ll get the name of a robot part. Enter it in here and you will unlock a component.


Every day until March 27th, there is a new puzzle to solve. Somewhere on AWS, there will be hidden clues for each new daily puzzle. You might not find every clue in one location; they could be spread out. So keep digging. Once you find the clues, you'll need to decipher them and figure out the names of each component, then enter it and see if you were right.

If you are correct, an orangeprint to help us rebuild Ozz 2.0 will appear.


Download the answer key.