Keith Yau, Founder of BootDev

 Shanghai, China

 Hero since 2015

Keith Yau is the founder of BootDev, a cloud-based platform for running websites. BootDev is built on AWS and leverages AWS services such as S3, Route53, CloudFormation, and CloudFront, allowing it to power fault-tolerant, large scale web applications. Keith has worked on large scale web projects for several enterprise customers across Japan, China, and US in the gaming, internet, and big data industries.

Keith holds an Information Engineering degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is active in the startup and technology community across China, organizing groups like Drupal China and Barcamp China. He is also an active member of the AWS User Group Meetups in China.

He shares his AWS and cloud related knowledge and experience on his personal tech blog and the "bootdev" channel on Wechat.

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