Amazon CodeCatalyst

Quickly build and deliver apps at scale on AWS.

Get 2,000 build minutes, 60 Dev Environment hours, 10 GB of source storage, and 64 GB total Dev Environment storage

with the AWS Free Tier

Accelerate project setup with blueprints to codify best practices

Collaborate and scale fluidly across teams with centralized and secure access management

Automate daily workflows and environment creation and management

Improve developer productivity with generative AI capabilities using natural language inputs 

How it works

Amazon CodeCatalyst is a unified software development service for development teams to quickly build, deliver and scale applications on AWS while adhering to organization-specific best practices. Developers can automate development tasks and innovate faster with generative AI capabilities, and spend less time setting up project tools, managing CI/CD pipelines, provisioning and configuring various development environments or coordinating with team members. IT Leaders can codify organizational best practices at scale via application blueprints to ensure compliance across teams with scale.

The diagram shows how to set up credentials to access Amazon CodeCatalyst, how to use CodeCatalyst to develop applications, and how to deploy those applications. Three sections are displayed from left to right.

How to get started

Explore project blueprints

Bring your existing code or start from scratch, using blueprints to set up your project tools in minutes.

Browse the documentation

View the CodeCatalyst documentation to dive deeper.

Check out Dev Environments

Launch a new automatically configured Dev Environment on demand in one step.

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