AWS Copilot

AWS Copilot is the easiest way to launch and manage your containerized application on AWS

AWS Copilot is a command line interface (CLI) that enables customers to quickly launch and easily manage containerized applications on AWS. AWS Copilot provides a simple declarative set of commands, including examples and guided experiences built in to help customers deploy quickly. After writing your application code, Copilot automates each step in the deployment lifecycle including pushing to a registry, creating a task definition, and creating a cluster. Default application types are provided for new applications based upon AWS best practices to increase developer productivity and simplify running containers in the cloud. All you need to spin up production ready services is AWS Copilot, an AWS account, and your code.


Architecture, not infrastructure

You should spend your time writing your application, not wiring up the infrastructure to get it running. With Copilot, you choose what type of service (common application stacks you're trying to build) and we'll set up the infrastructure for you.

Simple and powerful config

Copilot provides a simple manifest file to manage and tune your application. Copilot has all the most common knobs you'll need to operate your application in one file. Update the memory field and deploy to increase the memory available to your application.



All you need is a Dockerfile and Copilot will get you set up with the right infrastructure for your application.

Set up your own application:

copilot init


Copilot can provision multiple deployment environments for you, such as testing and production environments. Additionally, Copilot can set up a CI/CD pipeline to automatically deploy your application to these environments.

Set up your own pipeline:

copilot pipeline init


Each service in your application has its own alarms, metrics, and logs. Copilot gives you a single place to dive into those stats and logs.

Check your service's status:

copilot svc status
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