AWS Control Tower

Set up and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment

Set up a well-architected, multi-account environment in under 30 minutes.

Automate the creation of AWS accounts with built-in governance.

Enforce best practices, standards, and regulatory requirements with preconfigured controls.

Seamlessly integrate third-party software at scale to enhance your AWS environment.

How it works

Use AWS Control Tower to set up and operate your multi-account AWS environment with prescriptive controls designed to accelerate your cloud journey.  AWS Control Tower orchestrates multiple AWS services on your behalf while maintaining the security and compliance needs of your new or existing organization.

AWS Control Tower connects with AWS IAM Identity Center, AWS Organizations, and AWS Service Catalog to help you create, orchestrate, and monitor multi-account environments, automate best practices, set up and monitor your landing zone.

Use cases

Quickly deploy applications

Set up and govern AWS multi-account environments so that you can quickly, easily, and confidently deploy applications.

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Provision compliant AWS accounts

Automate provisioning for AWS accounts, preconfigured to meet your business, security, and compliance requirements.

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Deploy controls supporting digital sovereignty

Managed controls, when used, help you meet digital sovereignty requirements for data residency, granular access restriction, encryption, and resiliency.  

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Increase agility without compromising security

Govern new or existing account configurations, gain visibility into compliance status, and enforce controls, at scale.

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How to get started

Learn with AWS Control Tower workshops

Learn how to deploy and use AWS Control Tower.

Explore AWS Control Tower pricing

Use AWS Control Tower at no additional charge, and only pay for the AWS services used.

Deploy AWS Control Tower in AWS Organizations

Govern and manage your existing multi-account AWS environment with AWS Control Tower.

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