With AWS Control Tower, you pay only for AWS services enabled by Control Tower which include the set-up of your AWS Landing Zone, mandatory guardrails, or customized options.

You will incur costs for AWS services configured in the set-up of your landing zone, mandatory guardrails and strongly recommended guardrails. No costs are incurred for strongly recommended guardrails that are preventative. The cost of each service will vary based on the number of regions, accounts, hours used, and guardrails enabled. These services are listed below with links to the corresponding pricing pages:

AWS Service Catalog
AWS CloudTrail
AWS Config
Amazon VPC (NAT gateway)
Amazon S3
Amazon SNS
Amazon CloudWatch
AWS Lambda

AWS service pricing for strongly recommended guardrails:
AWS Config rules

Additional pricing resources

TCO Calculator

Calculate your total cost of ownership (TCO)

Simple Monthly Calculator

Easily calculator your monthly costs with AWS

Economics Resource Center

Additional resources for switching to AWS

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