AWS Customer Council

AWS customers share their thoughts about our products and features as members of our customer council. We’re curious and want to learn from you!

Inspire AWS Product Design

At AWS, customers power our product design. With each research interview or survey, your feedback informs how we think about new concepts, designs or solutions. Your research participation helps us shape our products and the future of the cloud.

Getting Started

Who can sign-up

Customer obsession is our first priority. If you’re an AWS customer, we want to hear from you.

New to AWS? No problem. Novice to expert, every customer has experience to share.

What you'll do

Our confidential research studies take several forms including remote interviews, on-site observations, and surveys.

When we have a suitable study, we’ll reach out to you to schedule a mutually agreeable time to connect.

How you'll contribute

We rely on the experts to drive our best product design– that’s you!

Your feedback helps us resolve design and usability questions, for both unreleased and existing services. Or, you might let us know we’re doing things right already.

More Information

Your participation and personal information is important to us. We'll keep your information private, and you can unsubscribe any time. 

Most of our studies are conducted in the United States, however all AWS customers are encouraged to join. Every council member has access to our 'Member Hub' where you'll find content like quick polls, discussion topics and opportunities to connect with other members.

Each study is unique. Participation expectations and details are described in the study invitation sent directly to you. While we’d love to meet everyone, we cannot guarantee study participation.

Check back here for your opportunity to join our Customer Council.