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The Dash Cart is a smart cart that makes grocery trips easier and more efficient. Shoppers log on using one of the methods your store provides, such as scanning a QR code on the store loyalty app, to begin their personalized shopping trip. They can find items with store maps, and weigh and bag items right in their Dash Cart. When done shopping, they can skip the checkout line by going through the Dash Cart lane and roll outside. They can also transfer to a point of sale depending on whether that option is enabled.

The Dash Cart can handle most items, including ready-to-sell hot food, sell-by-item products, bulk goods, some heavy or bulky products (which can be stored on the weighted shelf under the cart), deli foods, produce, and salad bar purchases. The only requirements are that 1) the item has a barcode or a PLU identifying number, 2) the item is in the retailer’s POS system, and 3) the item fits into the Dash Cart.

The Dash Cart relies on your POS system to calculate the basket total and to process payment. This requires the Dash Cart and your POS to be connected with APIs.

For most stores, modifications are minor. They usually entail space to store the Dash Cart, a designated area of exit, and a space in the back of the store for battery charging.

Shoppers are charged using the retailer’s existing payment processes; this includes the retailer’s mobile app or transfer to a register.

Yes. Your customers can sync their loyalty accounts and use them while they shop.

Yes. Customers can conveniently take the weather-resistant Dash Cart out of the store and to their cars.