Data Infrastructure Modernization

Modernize your data infrastructure with the most scalable, trusted, and secure cloud provider

When modernizing your data infrastructure, you want to be confident your choice of technology will deliver value from your data, while keeping it secure and compliant across an ever-changing set of regulations. You want a cloud provider that you can trust—one that understands your use cases and will grow with you as your scale of data grows. AWS has unmatched experience, scalability, reliability, security, and performance to help you modernize your data infrastructure. 

Modernize Your Data Infrastructure With Fully Managed, Purpose-Built AWS Databases

Use cases

Modernize your databases

By modernizing their data infrastructure, organizations get off of on-premises databases and onto cloud data infrastructure. With AWS, organizations access IT resources like databases over the internet instead of buying, owning, and maintaining physical data centers and servers themselves. AWS database services take care of all management tasks such as server provisioning, patching, configuration, or backups. For example, Amazon Aurora continuously replicates 6 copies of the data across 3 Availability Zones and transparently recovers from failures in less than 30 seconds. With purpose-built, fully managed AWS databases, you can save time and costs, improve performance at scale, and innovate at a faster clip.

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Core scenarios

Move to fully managed databases

Run the same on-premises database engine as a fully managed cloud database service.

Break free from legacy systems

Switch from commercial engines to open-source
compatible databases built for the cloud. 

Modernize with purpose-built databases

Choose the right database for the job by selecting
from 15+ purpose-built, cloud databases. 

Modernize your analytics

Data is an invaluable resource in today’s world, and it is growing in volume and complexity faster than ever before. Traditional data warehousing systems cannot keep up. Also, managing open-source analytics software like Apache Hadoop/Spark, Elasticsearch, and Apache Kafka on-premises or self- managed in the cloud is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. You are moving your data warehouses and analytics services to AWS managed services for faster performance and increased availability. By letting AWS take over infrastructure management and operations tasks, you can focus on innovating and building new applications.

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Core scenarios

Move to managed analytics services

Move to managed analytics service and spend more time innovating and building new applications, not infrastructure.

Modernize your data warehouse

Modernize your data warehouse and analyze all your data with Amazon Redshift, the fastest and most widely used cloud data warehouse.

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