Posted On: Jun 3, 2014

Updated: May 2016 with optimizations and support for X1 instances

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This week at the SAP Sapphire conference we are announcing the availability of an SAP HANA Quick Start Reference Deployment guide and implementation. The guide serves as a reference for customers interested in deploying SAP HANA on the flexible AWS platform in a self-service fashion.

This new Quick Start deploys an SAP HANA cluster and uses AWS CloudFormation scripts to build out the network, compute, and storage infrastructure. A collection of Python and PowerShell scripts then automate the installation of the HANA cluster nodes. The entire deployment takes about an hour.

The SAP HANA Quick Start is the third in a series of new Reference Deployments that describe in words and diagrams the architectures for implementing popular enterprise solutions on AWS. They also include the AWS CloudFormation templates that automate the deployments for customers.

To get started with SAP HANA on AWS, use the following resources: