Posted On: Sep 7, 2017

You can now use the new dynamic range compression (DRC) tag to enhance the volume of certain sounds in your audio file. The sounds in an audio file range from softer sounds to louder, depending on the text, the language, and the voice. For example, conflicting ambient sounds such as those of a moving vehicle can often mask the softer sounds, making the audio track difficult to hear clearly. To enhance the clarity of the Text-to-Speech output, simply use the SSML tag “DRC” to mark the text input. This is especially suitable for audio to be used in noisy environments. DRC is a boolean parameter (meaning that it's either on or off) that can be used with any Amazon Polly supported voice or language. It can be used for an entire section of text, or only for a few words, based on your needs. 

Visit the Amazon Polly documentation on SSML tags for more information on the DRC tag, and try the new feature through the Amazon Polly console, today!