Aidan Steele

AWS Serverless Hero

 Aidan Steele, Senior Engineer at Nightvision

 Melbourne, Australia

 Hero since 2023

Aidan is an avid AWS user, having first got started on the platform with EC2 in 2008. Fifteen years later, EC2 still has a special place in his heart, but his interests are in containers and serverless functions - and blurring the distinction between them wherever possible. He enjoys finding novel uses for AWS services, especially when they have a security or network focus. This is best demonstrated through his open source contributions on GitHub, where he demonstrates interesting use cases via hands-on projects.

One of Aidan’s favourite open source projects is perhaps the one that has the least real-world utility: Flowdog on GitHub. Though it’s something he expects no one will ever deploy, it demonstrates what’s made possible by the cloud, and he shares in the hope that it generates the same excitement for “imagine what we can build now” that he has when AWS launches new foundational services.

Aidan regularly shares his thoughts and new projects (sometimes useful, sometimes just for fun) on his blog, Twitter, and Mastodon accounts.

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