Alex Lau, Lead Instructor, Tecky Academy

 Hong Kong

 Hero since 2023

Alex Lau is a Lead Instructor of Tecky Academy with a focus on Full Stack, Mobile App, and AWS technologies. Enthusiastic about teaching and sharing, Alex has been an active leader in the Hong Kong developer community since 2015. He has organized annual hackathons and founded a coding bootcamp, growing the community to over 1,000 members.

From 2018 to 2023, Alex has hosted a variety of AWS workshops, disseminating essential cloud skills and best practices. In 2023, he took the stage at the Hong Kong AWS Summit to introduce the AWS cutting edge technologies and also led a session during the Hong Kong AWS GenAI Solution Day.

Alex is committed to promoting AWS services and aims to help more people engage with and understand the power of cloud technology. Among his recognitions are the ICT Grand Award, HSBC Youth Business Award, and the Hong Kong Esperanza - Reimagine Education Award, making him a trusted authority on education, community building and cloud solutions.

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