Alex Schultz

AWS Machine Learning Hero

 Alex Schultz, Senior Software Engineer at Advanced Solutions

 Fort Wayne, USA

 Hero since 2019

Alex works in the Innovation Labs at Advanced Solutions where he develops machine-learning enabled products and solutions for the biomedical and product distribution industries.

Before getting into AI/ML, Alex worked in a variety of roles including both back- and front-end development, mobile, DevOps, and system administration. After receiving a DeepLens at re:Invent 2017, he dove headfirst into Machine Learning where he used the device to win the AWS DeepLens challenge by building a project which can read books to children. Since then, he continued learning and eventually moved into his current role where he has been able to utilize the skills he gained along the way.

As an active advocate for AWS, he loves to share his knowledge and experience with other developers. He especially enjoys teaching others how they can utilize tools like SageMaker, DeepLens, and DeepRacer to get started with Machine Learning. He also regularly contributes to the online DeepRacer community where he has helped many people who are new to machine learning get started.

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