Amy Tseng, Data Engineering Manager at Fannie Mae

 Washington D.C., USA

 Hero since 2020

Amy is a Data Engineering Manager at Fannie Mae specializing in data warehouse and data analytics. She started her Amazon Web Services journey in 2015 and is responsible for the organization’s database migration strategy and implementation from on-premise to AWS. She led the cloud data warehouse solution from the evaluation of various products to formulating final recommendations and successfully influenced key stakeholders, bringing Redshift as the enterprise cloud data warehouse solution in Fannie Mae. Since 2015, many on-premise databases have been migrated to Aurora, RDS, Redshift, Neptune, and DynamoDB.

She presents at the Women in Technology’s local meetups to encourage more women to pursue careers in big data technology. Amy also presented a Data Warehouse Migration session at AWS re:Invent in 2019 and Implementing Hybrid Data Warehouse at the 2019 AWS Public Sector Summit.

Amy is passionate about exploring new technologies. She is currently working on the migration strategy of the complex operational data store and enterprise data warehouse on-premise to the data lake in AWS and evaluating several other AWS services including QLDB and Timestream. She works closely with the AWS product teams to deliver new features and service enhancements. She continues to encourage her team to think ‘outside of the box’ and innovate using emerging technologies.


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