Anahit Pogosova

AWS Data Hero

 Anahit Pogosova, Lead Cloud Software Engineer at Solita

 Tampere, Finland

 Hero since 2021

Anahit is a Lead Cloud Software Engineer at Solita, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and one of Finland’s largest digital transformation companies. She has been architecting and building software solutions with various customers for over a decade. Anahit started working with monolithic on-prem software, but has since moved all the way to the cloud, nowadays focusing mostly on AWS Data and Serverless services.

Anahit enjoys learning the ins and outs of the technologies she works with, and she encourages others by sharing her learnings. She has been particularly interested in the AWS Kinesis family and how it integrates with AWS Lambda. You can find Anahit speaking at various local and international events, such as AWS meetups, AWS Community Days, ServerlessDays, and Code Mesh. Anahit also writes about AWS on Solita developers' blog and has been a frequent guest on various podcasts.

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