Austin Loveless

AWS Community Hero

 Austin Loveless, Cloud Architect at Photobucket

 Denver, USA

 Hero since 2020

Austin is a Cloud Architect at Photobucket and Founder of the AWSMeetupGroup. The AWSMeetupGroup, initially in the Denver Area, is now a nationwide group traveling once a month to reach a broader audience. He live-streams all his events on YouTube. He partners with large software companies (AWS, MongoDB, Confluent, Galvanize, Flatiron School) to help grow the meetup group and teach more people.

Austin routinely blogs on Medium under the handle AWSMeetupGroup. One of his most popular blogs involve topics centered around AWS Lambda and serverless architecture.

His real passion is reaching out to a broad audience of all skill levels to improve their technical knowledge and better their careers. When he hosts events, he doesn't just lecture for an hour—he comes prepared with written tutorials and code for people to follow along with and, ideally, use on their projects or at work. On this matter, He says, "Technology is all around us today, and most people don't understand half of what it does. Teaching regular people about what is going around them is important for us as a society to grow."

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