Awedis Keofteian

AWS Community Hero

 Awedis Keofteian, DevOps Engineer at Anghami

 Beirut, Lebanon

 Hero since 2024

Awedis is a DevOps Engineer at Anghami, a leading music streaming platform. With a strong background in DevOps practices, he leverages modern technologies to enhance scalability, reliability, and efficiency in Anghami's cloud-based architecture.

His journey began as an AWS Community Builder, and over time, he took the helm as the leader of the AWS User Group in Beirut. Passionate about fostering communities and supporting their growth, Awedis is a dedicated enthusiast for cutting-edge technologies. His interests span across DevOps, Automation, Serverless, and Cloud Technologies.

In the dynamic realm of cloud computing, he continues to make a significant impact by actively engaging with and nurturing AWS communities, which has helped him create one of the most active AWS communities in the region.

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