Bruce Sun, Expert Cloud Solution Architect at NetEase Games

 Hangzhou, China

 Hero since 2020

Bruce Sun is the cloud solution team leader of NetEase Games, which is a leading provider of self‐developed PC‐client and mobile games to worldwide users and is ranked the #6 Public Company by Game Revenues in Newzoo’s latest gaming industry report. Their successful self-developed games include Harry Potter Magic Awakened, Knives Out, Idendity V and LifeAfter, etc. "Knives Out" is the most popular mobile battle royale game in Japan.

Bruce dived deep into many AWS network services such as Cloud WAN, TGW, Direct Connect, and Global Accelerator to design their complex hybrid network architecture for serving their global gaming services. He also took lead into the AWS Nitro System and ARM-Based AWS Graviton Processors performance benchmark test, which helped them innovate faster in a cost-effective way.

Bruce introduced their use case of EC2 A1 Graviton in AWS re:Invent 2019. He also participated in AWS Game Tech Day Events in China to share best practices on AWS.

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