Chao Cai, VP and Chief Architect at Mobvista Inc.

 Beijing, China

 Hero since 2022

Chao has 15 years of world-class experience in software development, including more than 10 years as a software architect. He is currently the VP and Chief Architect at Mobvista Inc. In recent years, Chao and his teams have been working on creating the systems to help people leverage cloud computing efficiently and easily, launching products MaxCloud and SpotMax (which has been published on the AWS Marketplace). Today, Mobvista Inc. is an AWS certified advanced tech partner. Prior to working for Mobvista Inc., Chao worked for Amazon and HP as Sr. Tech Leader/Architect.

Chao is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience to the community. His WeChat public account has more than 4,000 followers and over 34,000 engineers have taken his online courses. Chao is a respected leader in the China tech community. He is invited as the speaker to the global tech conferences, such as, QCon and ArchSummit each year. As an active advocate for AWS, Chao is also a regular speaker at AWS tech events.

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