Cyril Bandolo

AWS Machine Learning Hero

 Cyril Bandolo, Senior Developer at Serverless Guru

 Douala, Cameroon

 Hero since 2022

Cyril Bandolo is a data scientist working as Senior Cloud Developer at Serverless Guru. Cyril and his team are focused on leveraging everything data and machine learning to help move the company and the client’s performance forward. Cyril has also worked in analytics for multinational companies like MTN Cameroon and startups like Broadhub, where he has been leveraging data to boost efficiency.

Cyril has a natural talent and passion for teaching and transferring knowledge in his machine learning blog, where he focuses on building and deploying end-to-end machine learning projects on AWS. On his YouTube channel, he has launched challenges like the “90 days of analytics” challenge,  and hands-on weekly series like “Sagemaker Saturdays” during which, every weekend he walks the viewers through end-to-end machine learning projects with Sagemaker Studio Lab and Sagemaker Studio. Cyril is always trying to encounter and apply new machine learning solutions to make lives better and help move the bottom line.

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