Daniel Aniszkiewicz

AWS Security Hero

 Daniel Aniszkiewicz, Senior Software Engineer at Algoteque Innovation Hub

 Wrocław, Poland

 Hero since 2024

Daniel is a Senior Software Engineer at Algoteque International Hub, currently working with one of the UK's largest business insurance providers. With a career in IT that began in 2016 and a focus on AWS cloud services since 2017, Daniel has developed a keen interest in Serverless architecture, constantly seeking the most efficient solutions to project challenges.

Since his university days, Daniel has been actively involved in organizing IT events, including conferences that bring together like-minded professionals and enthusiasts. Presently, he co-organizes the Wrocław AWS User Group, contributing to the growth and engagement of the local AWS community.

Daniel loves to share his knowledge with others, following the idea, that a candle loses nothing by lighting another. He is a seasoned speaker, having presented at numerous events such as Re:Invent, AWS meetups, and AWS Community Days. He is particularly focused on promoting Amazon Verified Permissions and Cedar through workshops, blog posts, IaC templates, and open-source projects like avp-cli, as well as a dedicated GitHub repository for the starting point of learning it.

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