Dominik Grzywaczewski

AWS Communiy Hero

 Dominik Grzywaczewski, Senior Cloud Site Reliability Engineer at Chaos Gears

 Lublin, Poland

 Hero since 2023

Dominik is a Senior Cloud Site Reliability Engineer at Chaos Gears with more than 15 years of experience in IT. His primary objective is to assist companies in gaining a deeper understanding of Cloud Computing technologies, and effectively leveraging them to drive faster and more secure innovation. He focuses on adhering to AWS best practices throughout the process.

He is passionate about automation, infrastructure-as-code, cloud governance, networking, security, fault-tolerant, and self-healing solutions. He holds several AWS certifications and uses any opportunity to engage in events related to AWS and cloud.

Dominik founded AWS User Group in Lublin (Poland) and co-organizes AWS Community Day conference in Warsaw (Poland), as well as technical meetups and workshops to share his passion, and consistently collaborates with the AWS community members.  

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