Dzenan Dzevlan

AWS Community Hero

 Dzenan Dzevlan, Cloud and DevOps Expert at TN-TECH

 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Hero since 2020

Dzenan is currently working as a part of the Production Engineering team for Yahoo. He is also providing his expertise and services as Cloud and DevOps expert at TN-TECH. Dzenan has been an AWS user since 2011 and has worked on many AWS projects: including migration from on-premises and other public cloud platforms to AWS, and implementing HIPAA compliant infrastructure on AWS with various kinds of companies, from startups to enterprises.

In 2016, Dzenan founded AWS User Group Bosnia and helped it grow to three user groups with more than 600 members. This AWS community is now the largest IT community in Bosnia. As part of his activities, he runs online meetups, a YouTube channel, and the blog (in Bosnian language) to help people in the Balkans region achieve their AWS certification and start working with AWS. In close collaboration with his sister Dzenana, he works with other community members in South-Eastern Europe to help them start and grow AWS user groups in their countries.

Dzenan is passionate about AWS, databases, and security. He holds several AWS, security, and database related certificates and often speaks at various technical meetups and conferences.

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