Evandro Pires

AWS Serverless Hero

 Evandro Pires, CTO

 Blumenau, Brazil

 Hero since 2023

Evandro is a CTO who started programming at 12 years old, in Clipper, because of his father, who is also a developer. His background is in technology and intrapreneurship, leading developments of important projects such as, internet banking, mobile banking, and ATM in the financial industry, as well as AI and low code for SaaS solutions.

He started his serverless passion in 2018 and since then, he has spread the "serverless word" in Brazil. Evandro has been the founder and host of a podcast dedicated to serverless called "Sem Servidor" since 2020.

He had his first international lecture in 2020, talking about Serverless and Java on a ServerlessDays Nashville, and is now the organizer of the first ServerlessDays in LATAM.

Evandro loves to be with his family - his wife and two kids. Together, they’ve had many adventures traveling and camping. He is also a pizza maker on the weekends.

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