Franck Pachot

AWS Data Hero

 Franck Pachot, Developer Advocate at Yugabyte

 Lausanne, Switzerland

 Hero since 2020

Franck is Developer Advocate at Yugabyte. Passionate about all databases, he is now focusing on DevOps and cloud-native databases. With over 20 years of experience in development, data modeling, infrastructure, and all DBA tasks, Franck is a recognized database expert across Oracle, PostgreSQL, and AWS. He has a special interest in performance tuning and helping communication between development and operations teams.

Franck is also an AWS Academy educator for Powercoders, and holds AWS Certified Database Specialty and Oracle Certified Master certifications. Franck contributes to technical communities, educating customers on AWS Databases through his blog, Twitter, and podcast in French. He is active in the Data community, and enjoys talking and meeting other data enthusiasts.

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