Gaurav Kamboj, Cloud Architect at Hotstar

 Mumbai, India

 Hero since 2019

Gaurav is a Cloud Architect at Hotstar, India’s leading OTT provider that holds a global
concurrency record for live streaming to 11Mn+ viewers. At Hotstar, he loves building
cost-efficient infrastructure that can scale to millions in minutes. He is also passionate
about chaos engineering and cloud security.

Previously, he has worked at Craftsvilla, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and General
Electric (GE) as a Cloud & DevOps engineer focusing on cloud migration, security and
disaster recovery. He has so far migrated more than 25,000 bare metal machines from
on-prem to AWS.

Gaurav is part of “AWS Cloud Warrior” program, an elite group of power users and
experts working on AWS for India region since 2018. He also holds the original “all-five”
AWS certifications.

Gaurav is also co-founder of AWS User Group Mumbai, an active speaker at local tech
conferences, and conducts guest lectures and workshops on Cloud Computing for students at engineering colleges affiliated to University of Mumbai.

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