Goran Opacic

AWS Data Hero

 Goran Opacic, CEO and Owner at Esteh

 Belgrade, Serbia

 Hero since 2019

Goran is the CEO and owner of Esteh and community leader of AWS User Group Belgrade. He is a Solutions Architect focused on Databases and Security with over 20 years of experience as developer, architect, and CEO of Internet solutions companies in South East Europe. His tech passions are MySQL, Java, and http. Goran runs madabout.cloud, a blog related to AWS, Java, and databases.

His main expertise is migration projects. Specifically, databases to open source relational databases with MySQL based systems like Amazon Aurora. Goran focuses on how to combine serverless solutions like AWS Lambda with relational databases. He is also trying to ease migration of Java solutions to the cloud. In his recent blog post he demonstrated how to use Aurora Serverless and Data API in production.

As an AWS community leader in Belgrade, he works on promoting All Things Cloud, giving lectures and educating a new generation of developers into AWS community. This includes a series of interviews Goran runs with prominent technology leaders on his YouTube channel. His latest project is an online event called DB MicroConf related to AWS databases.

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