Hidetoshi Matsui

AWS Serverless Hero

 Hidetoshi Matsui, Developer at Startup Technology Inc.

 Hamamatsu, Japan

 Hero since 2021

Hidetoshi Matsui is a developer at Startup Technology Inc. and a member of the Japan AWS User Group (JAWS-UG). Since 2017 he has been working on system development utilizing AWS, and has been energetically sharing technical information about serverless services on AWS in several communities including JAWS-UG.

He was also involved in building an information dissemination website for infectious disease control in the wake of COVID-19: he built out a delivery information website built on a serverless architecture using AWS to help restaurants suffering from the effects of COVID-19. These contributions to the local community have been introduced in several Japanese media outlets.

On "builders.flash", a web magazine for developers run by AWS Japan, the articles he has contributed are among the most viewed pages on the site since 2020. His most impactful achievement is the construction of a distribution site for JAWS-UG's largest event, JAWS DAYS 2021 re:Connect. He made full use of various AWS services to build a low-latency and scalable distribution system with a serverless architecture and smooth streaming video viewing for nearly 4000 participants.

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